Our standard rental bass is a Samuel Shen SB80. All rentals have been professionally set up for ease of playing and optimum tone quality.  Rental outfits include a bass bag, rosin and choice of bow (German or French style). You may change sizes at any time during the rental period at no additional cost.


Bass + Bow (German or French style) + Bass Bag + Rosin

$70/month rental fee
$8/month maintenance
$200 deposit


UPGRADED Bass + Helicore strings
+ Wooden Bow (German or French style) + Bass Bag + Rosin

$80/month rental fee
$8/month maintenance
$300 deposit

Text or call (337)534-4436 for more info


In addition to the monthly rental fee, a nominal maintenance fee is charged each month to cover the cost of wear and tear and accidental damage. In such case, Sola Violins will repair or replace the instrument, case or bow at no cost. A one-time rental deposit is paid with the first month's rent and will be refunded if the instrument is returned in good standing.


For families with two or more rentals from Sola Violins, we provide 10% off lesser priced rentals. To receive the discount, all rentals must be charged to the same debit/credit card on the same day.


100% of  the first year’s rental fees and 20% of subsequent months’ rental fees can be applied toward the purchase of any non-consignment instrument in our shop of the same type (violin, viola, cello, bass) and of equal or greater value. Rental credit is not general store credit.

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