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We offer a broad selection of new and vintage violins and violas, from starter outfits to professional grade. Our instruments are professionally set up for ease of playing and optimum tone. Fractional sizes available.


We stock new cellos from Eastman, Jay Haide and Samuel Shen, along with a curated selection of vintage instruments. We also offer a full array of cello bows, including bows from Eastman, Coda, Arcos Brasil, Sousa and Dörfler.

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Shen SB 80
Shen SB 88
Shen SB 150 Hybrid
Shen SB200 Willow Flatback

Other models can special ordered.


Large selection of pernambuco, brazilwood and carbon fiber bows for violin, viola, cello and bass. In-home trials available.

Dörfler, Seifert, Coda, L'archet Brasil, Core, Meinel, A. Schmidt, Fusion, Luger, JonPaul, Arcos Brasil, Knoll,  Sousa, Sarah Bystrom


Full line of cases for violin, viola, cello and bass.

Bobelock, Core, Bam, Gewa, Tonareli, Eastman, Pedi.

Have an odd-sized cello? Give us a all. We can find a case that fits.


Violin, cello, viola and bass strings for every level of player. Single strings available.

PirastroEvah Pirazzi, Obligato, Chromcore, Tonica

Thomastic:  Dominant, Dominant Pro, Vision & Vision Solo, Prazision, Spirocore, Rondo, TIs, PIs

D’addario:  Helicore, Zyex, Pro Arte, Prelude

Prim:  Medium & Heavy gauge


Shoulder Rests: Kun Collapsible, Kun Mini, Kun Bravo, Wolf, Forte Secondo, Bon Musica, Everest, Artino, foam pads

Mutes: Tourte (violin, viola, cello, bass) , Spector, wire mutes, Ultra practice mutes (violin, viola, cello bass), heavy mutes, ebony mutes

Rosin: Cecilia, Bernadel, Hill, Hidersine, Pirastro Cello Rosin, Pop’s Bass Rosin, Carlsson Bass Rosin, Magic Rosin (Louisiana & Acadian Flag themed), Leatherwood

Tuners: D'addario, Glasser, Intelli

Xeros and Rock Stop Endpin Anchors for Cello and Bass

Books: Suzuki books for violin, cello, viola and bass, as well as piano accompaniments. Essential Elements. All For Strings. Fingerboard Geography. Scales for Young Violinists. Wide selection of books on Cajun and Creole music.

Fittings: Wittner chinrests and tailpieces, wooden chinrests and tailpieces, finetuners

Cleaner/polish, Polishing cloths

String Swing Violin Hangers

L.R. Baggs and Fishman Violin Pickups

L.R. Baggs Venue DI

Fishman Loudbox Mini Amplifiers

George L Instrument Cables

Peak Music Stands

Mighty Bright Lights

We are a dealer for Samuel Shen instruments, Coda Bow, L.R. Baggs, Eastman, D'addario, Jay Haide, Bobelock, Bam, Realist Pickups,
Gewa, K&K Pickups, Peak Music Stands, Hal Leonard Publishing, Alfred Music, Nicolas Parola, House of Weaver and Howard Core.