Repair and Restoration

As a full-service violin shop, repair and restoration is one of our specialties here at the store.  Whether you need a tone adjustment on your instrument, a new bridge cut and fit, or a more major fix, we are happy to provide an estimate for the job.  We fit pegs, cut soundposts, repair cracks, plane and dress fingerboards, clean and touchup varnish, and more.  Feel free to bring your instrument by!

Bow Rehairing

Keeping your bow in good shape is just as important as taking care of your instrument. Having your bow rehaired is one of the easiest ways to improve your tone, and most players have their bow rehaired annually.  

Pickup Installation

Need a pickup on your violin? When installed properly, a pickup will not detract from the sound of your instrument.  We install L.R. Baggs and Fishman violin pickups.