In addition to a wide selection of instructional books, including Suzuki and Essential Elements, we offer several books on the unique music and culture of south Louisiana, as well as music CDs and instructional aids. Shipping available. Send us a message or give us a call at (337) 534-4436 if you're interested in more info.
Anny Savoy - Cajun Music, Vol. 1
Cajun Music: A Reflection of a People, Vol. 1

Ann Savoy's first compilation has become "The Cajun Bible" for all who are interested in the culture and music of the Cajuns of Louisiana.


Anny Savoy - Cajun Music, Vol. 2
Cajun Music: A Reflection of a People, Vol. 2

Long-awaited follow up to Ann Savoy's first book. Beautifully illustrated with 35 English and Cajun French interviews and biographies. Features more than 100 songs. A must have for lovers of Louisiana culture.


Comeaux Collection
Comeaux Collection:
The Fretted Instruments of Dr. Tommy Comeaux

A beautifully photographed exploration of the late Dr. Tommy Comeaux's collection of exquisite fretted instruments.


Big French Dance
Big French Dance:
Cajun and Zydeco Music 1972-1974

A lovely collection of black-and-white photographs captured by Ron Stanford, who immersed himself in the local music scene and culture here in the early 1970s.


Cajun music book
Ye Yaille Chere:
Traditional Cajun Dance Music

A unique treasury of lyrics and sheet music to 247 traditional and original Cajun songs. A valuable reference for anyone interested in Cajun music and culture.


Mitch Reed Cajun Fiddle
Mitch Reed:
Fast & Slow Cajun & Creole Fiddle

CD of some classic Cajun and Creole tunes played up to tempo and then slowed down for easier learning. A good resource from a great fiddle teacher.


arrest pas la musique
Arrête pas la musique:
Portraits of South Louisiana

Stunning photographs and stories from Emile Waagenaar documenting the rich musical culture of south Louisiana. Foreword by Ann Savoy.


Craig Duncan Cajun Fiddle
The Cajun Fiddle

Beginning with easy arrangements of popular Cajun tunes, this book progresses to more difficult solos based on the playing of Dewey Balfa, Michael Doucet, Doug Kershaw, Rufus Thibodeaux and others.