We offer a curated selection of professionally restored vintage violins, with something to fit every budget. In-home trials and shipping available. We always have more violins in stock than pictured here (not enough time for photography). Feel free to stop by the shop or text or call (337) 534-4436 for more info. You can also send us a message.

Vintage violins $1,000 to $5,000

German violin

Well-used vintage fiddle that’s solid as rock with a big sound. Lovely flame on a two-piece maple back. Fresh setup by the luthiers here at Sola Violins.

Vintage European

Early 20th century European workshop violin with a big, even tone. Excellent condition. Labeled "F. Saga Zurich."
Length of back: 359mm.

Vintage European

Vintage European violin labeled "Carlo Bergonzi." One-piece back. Excellent condition and great sound. Professional set-up.
Length of back: 362mm.

Hermann Lowendall

Vintage German violin labeled "Hermann Lowendall, Berlin, 1921." Two-piece back. Excellent condition.
Length of back: 354mm.

Vintage 1/2 violin

Vintage European half-size violin in great condition. Stunning one-piece maple back. It's rare to see fractional violins of this quality.

French violin

Vintage French violin from the early 20th century. Tasteful Strad pattern with a two-piece maple back. Unlabeled.
Length of back: 360mm.

Carlo Micelli

Vintage German violin labeled "Carlo Micelli," a brand name used for higher-end instruments from the C. Meisel workshop. Excellent condition. Dated 1926 on the label.


Nicolas Bertolini

Early 20th century Mirecourt violin branded "Nicolas Bertolini." Attractive fiddle with a dark sound. One-piece back.
Length of back: 362mm.

German violin

Vintage German instrument with a big sound. Tasteful flame on a two-piece maple back. Beautifully aged dark varnish. Labeled "Jospeh Kloz."
Length of back: 355mm.

Vintage Czech violin

Vintage Stainer pattern violin made in Czechoslovakia. Sophisticated tone. Pristine condition. Mesmerizing flame on one-piece back.
Length of back: 356mm.



Classic German violin in great condition from the Heberlein workshop. Labeled "Heinrich Theodore Heberlein Jr., Markneukirchen, 1908."
Length of back: 359mm.

Vintage violins $5,000 to $10,000


Early 20th century French violin from the Collin-Mezin workshop. Labeled "Ch. J. -B. Collin-Mezin fils" and dated 1928.


Oskar Meinel

Lovely 1934 Strad pattern violin made in Markneukirchen, Germany. Labeled and branded “Oskar C. Meinel,” one of the trade names used by the Ernst Heinrich Roth  workshop for violins sold in the United States.
Length of back: 360mm.

J. Kochly

Tasteful early 20th century French violin labeled “J. Kochly,” a luthier who founded a music store in Bourges, France, under his own name. The “Kochly” label was used on instruments of varying quality made by outside workshops. This one is on the high end. Dated 1916 on the label.
Length of back: 358mm.

Vintage violins $10,000 to $20,000


18th century French violin by Louis Guersan. Golden-brown varnish with a high arch and widely flamed one-piece maple back. Currently in restoration. Inquire for details.

Paul Kaul

Stunning early 20th century French instrument from luthier Paul Kaul. Big, brilliant sound from a slightly larger than average violin. Labeled, "Paul Kaul, no 108, Nantes an 1919." Certificate by Jean-Jacques Rampol.


E.H. Roth

1929 Guarneri pattern violin from the Ernst Heinrich Roth workshop in Markneukirchen, Germany. Pristine condition with well flamed two-piece maple back. VI-R model. Authenticated by the Roth firm.
Length of back: 360mm.

D. Nicolas

Early 1800s French violin from the Didier Nicolas workshop in Mirecourt. One-piece back.
Length of back: 361mm.