We offer new and vintage violins to fit every budget. In-home trials and shipping available. Visit our vintage violins page if you're interested only in older instruments. Text or call (337) 534-4436 for more info.

Violins Less than $1,000

Shen SV100

Solid, attractive and affordable student model from the Samuel Shen company. Great set up done by our luthiers in house.

Eastman VL105

Good quality student model with dark varnish and moderately flamed maple back. We offer this model as our standard rental instrument.

Eastman Five String

Affordable entry point into the world of five-string violins. Solid construction and attractive dark varnish. Set up with a Wittner Ultra tailpiece and Helicore strings.

Nicolas Parola NP10

Tightly grained spruce top. Highly flamed maple back and sides. Finished with a blended spirit oil varnish.

Andreas Eastman VL200

Great step-up student model from Eastman Strings. Handcrafted with well-seasoned, select tonewoods and an attractive and durable hand-applied varnish. Boxwood pegs and chinrest.

Cedar Strings

Great value for the advancing student from the Cedar Strings workshop. Tasteful flame on a one-piece maple back. Boxwood fittings.

We also stock student-level violin outfits ranging in price from $429 to $650 for instrument, bow and case. Please call for availability.

Violins $1,000 To $2,000

Nicolas Parola NP5

Hand-crafted from well-aged tone woods with exceptional attention to detail. Antiqued hand-rubbed oil varnish. Two-piece maple back with ebony fittings.

Martin Beck

New Romanian-made violin with European tonewoods and a big sound. Great value for an advancing student.

German violin

New German-made instrument from Otto Musica. Aged and flamed European tonewood with spirit varnish.

Josef Regh

Eastman violin crafted with German tonewoods. Clear, even tone. Lightly antiqued with a hand-applied spirit varnish.

Eastman Ivan Dunov Superior

Excellent responsiveness in a violin crafted from select Romanian spruce and maple. Lightly antiqued with a multi-layer spirit varnish.

Albert Nebel by Eastman Strings

Eastman's Albert Nebel violins are crafted from aged European tonewoods and feature a hand-applied spirit varnish. Quality sound and playability for the advancing student at a modest price.

French J.T.L. violin

Vintage Mirecourt violin from Jérôme Thibouville-Lamy. Strad pattern with a two-piece back.

Jean-Pierre Lupot by Eastman Strings

Well-flamed maple back and a select spruce top. Elegantly antiqued multi-layer spirit varnish with deep red wine hues.

Jurgen Klier

New instrument from the Jurgen Klier workshop in Germany. Aged European tonewoods with tasteful antiquing. Set up with Evah Pirazzi strings.

Violins $2,000 TO $5,000

Herman Lowendall

Vintage German violin labeled "Herman Lowendall, Berlin, 1921." Two-piece back. Excellent condition.

Vintage European

Early 20th century European workshop violin with a big, even tone. Excellent condition. Labeled "F. Saga Zurich."

Claudio Baltazar

Modern Romanian instrument with an old look and a big, deep sound. Great violin for the advancing player. Set up with Evah Pirazzi strings.

Jay Haide l'ancienne Guarneri

Mature, robust tone in this Guarneri del Gesu model from the Jay Haide workshop in California. Tastefully antiqued golden-orange varnish in the style of the old Italian masters.

Jay Haide l'ancienne Strad

Beautiful Stradivari model from the Jay Haide workshop in California. Big sound. One-piece back. Set up with Rondo strings.

Carlo Micelli

Vintage German violin labeled "Carlo Micelli," a brand name used for higher-end instruments from the C. Meisel workshop. Excellent condition. Dated 1926 on the label.

Nicolas Bertolini

Early 20th century Mirecourt violin branded "Nicolas Bertolini." Not to be be confused with "Bertholini" (with an "h"), which was a label used on French instruments of much lesser quality. Attractive fiddle with a dark sound. One-piece back.

German violin

Early 20th century German Strad pattern violin. Big sounding vintage instrument with a one-piece back. Stamped "Conservatory Violin" on the back of the peg box.



German violin in great condition from the Heberlein workshop. Labeled "Heinrich Theodore Heberlein Jr., Markneukirchen, 1911," with the Heberlein mark stamped on the inside back.


Violins $5,000 to $10,000


Early 20th century French violin from the Collin-Mezin workshop. Labeled "Ch. J. -B. Collin-Mezin fils" and dated 1928.


Oskar Meinel

Lovely 1934 Strad pattern violin made in Markneukirchen, Germany. Labeled and branded “Oskar C. Meinel,” one of the trade names used by the Ernst Heinrich Roth  workshop for violins sold in the United States.


J. Kochly

Tasteful early 20th century French violin labeled “J. Kochly,” a luthier who founded a music store in Bourges, France, under his own name. The “Kochly” label was used on instruments of varying quality made by outside workshops. This one is on the high end. Dated 1916 on the label.

Didier Nicolas

19th century French violin from the Didier Nicolas workshop in Mirecourt. One-piece back.


Violins $10,000 to $20,000


18th century French violin by Louis Guersan. Golden-brown varnish with a high arch and widely flamed one-piece maple back.

Paul Kaul

Stunning early 20th century French instrument from luthier Paul Kaul. Big, brilliant sound from a slightly larger than average violin. Labeled, "Paul Kaul, no 108, Nantes an 1919." Certificate by Jean-Jacques Rampol.

E.H. Roth

1929 Guarneri pattern violin from the Ernst Heinrich Roth workshop in Markneukirchen, Germany. Pristine condition with well flamed two-piece maple back. VI-R model. Authenticated by the Roth firm.

Didier Nicolas

Early 1800s French violin from the Didier Nicolas workshop in Mirecourt. Stunning one-piece back.